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What happens if after I review the draft documents, I decide I do not want to proceed?

If you let us know before the date of your scheduled attorney consultation, we will reimburse you half of your payment. (Of course, if this occurs, we would also like to know why so that we can keep improving our procedures.)

What happens if after the attorney consultation, either I decide I do not want to proceed or together the attorney and I determine that I need a more complex estate planning solution than that offered by The Estate Project?

You may terminate the representation and we will reimburse you a third of your payment or you may apply the payment towards our standard fees for advising on and preparing more complex estate plans. You will need to decide during the telephone consultation.

How do The Estate Project fees compare to your standard fees?

They are about half.

With The Estate Project, we’ve paired the convenience & affordability of a DIY legal site with real lawyers to create the perfect solution for you.

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